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Our Metaverse Manager Certification

Are you a an Individual, a Professional or an Organization  that understands the huge opportunity offered by the Metaverse and you want to discover how to drive this new capability as a Metaverse Change Manager?


Orga Design e Change Management

Potenziamo la resilienza della forza lavoro

Leadership e Management Coaching

Promuoviamo diversità e inclusione sviluppando nei Manager l’empatia

Pianificazione e Costruzione di Skills e Competencies

Pianifichiamo lo sviluppo dei talenti intorno alle skills, non ai ruoli


Metaverse Adoption Manager For All

Metaverse Adoption Manager For Individual

Metaverse Adoption Manager For Organizations



Rosa Metra


With over 20 years experience in Global Change Management Programs with many Fortune 500 Firms and , Rosa is the brain of the HCC Change Metholodolgy.

Vanessa Cordopatre


Able to overcome any obstacle, with over 20 years experience as Business Analyst and exceptional resilience; Vanessa is the Biceps of HCC Operations.

Maximilien Piaton


With tree Master Degrees in Economics, Filosofy and Human Resources and extraordinary intelligence; Max is the heart of HCC etic and cultural Vision.

Barbara Cinicola


Gifted with an out of common emotional juman empathy and a 20 years long Public Relations experience, Barbara is the Aura of HCC Public Relations.


Change Management
Organization Redesign
Leadership Coaching
Management Coaching
Change Management Training
Metaverse Manager Certification


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